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We took part in the National Day Nursery Association's 'Healthy Body, Happy Me' week from 18th - 22nd April 2016


Each day had a different theme to support the children in having an active and healthy body and mind!!!

Monday 18th April '16: Eat Well, Feel Fantastic - The chidlren helped to prepare and taste a variety of healthy foods

Tuesday 19th April '16: Caring for our bodies - The children discussed the different ways they cared for their bodies and took part in some daily hygiene experiences

Wednesday 20th April '16: Magic movers - The children took part in many physical experiences and especially loved particpating in an outdoor obstcle course

Thursday 21st April '16: Great outdoors - The children loved participating in a variety of outdoor experiences, they especially loved making dens and tents

Friday 22nd April '16: Reflection Friday - This was a day for the children to relax their bodies and minds. Two of our grandparents volunteered to come into the nursery and treat the children to some exciting story telling and quiet time