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All childcare needs for children aged 0-16 years, in a warm, safe and caring environment, where you may apply for funding entitlement. Viewing by appointment.

Only 3 mins from Hamilton Town Centre and Hamilton Central Station

58 Tuphall Road, Hamilton

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If you’re away at work and your child needs to be attended to during Easter and long summer vacations, at Hopscotch Childcare Centre our coded security system will make sure that your child is in safe hands when inside the Childcare Centre.


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Your child's growth with us - from a toddler to a teenager

Do not worry about getting started with your child’s education. Hopscotch Childcare Centre in Hamilton is the right place you can trust. Catering to children from 6 weeks to 16 years of age in a safe and warm environment, you can be sure about your child getting a strong and stable foundation throughout their various stages of development.


Whether your child needs to relax after school, have breakfast, needs time for homework or to indulge in outdoor sports and other activities, we have it covered. Let your child enjoy their time in the out of school clubs under the guidance and care of our highly qualified staff.

  • Day care - age 0-school age operates from 07:30 hrs – 18:00 hrs for 50 weeks of the year

  • Kindergarten – age 3-5 operates from 07:30 - 11:40 hrs & 12:40 - 15:50 hrs for 11 weeks in each of the summer, winter and Easter terms only. Kindergarten afternoon care commences from midday at various times

  • Ante-Pre and Pre-school

  • Out of school clubs

  • Highly qualified staff

  • Safe, warm, loving and caring environment

We cater for all your family’s childcare & early learning needs


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Your child's security is our priority

Nursery, kindergarten, day care, holiday, breakfast and out of school clubs

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For reputed child care services in Hamilton, with easy access from Motherwell, East Kilbride and the surrounding areas, call 

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