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All childcare needs for children aged 0-16 years, in a warm, safe and caring environment, where you may apply for funding entitlement. Viewing by appointment.

Only 3 mins from Hamilton Town Centre and Hamilton Central Station

58 Tuphall Road, Hamilton

01698 891 173


Quality child care
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We will help your child to maintain a healthy routine throughout the day. If the weather is bright and pleasant, your child will have the chance to participate in outdoor activities like picnics, outings to the nearby parks, farms, art galleries and museums.


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Trust us for safe and efficient services

Do not worry if you have to work long hours. From early in the morning to late in the evening, at Hopscotch Childcare Centre you can be confident that your child is in safe hands. Children can feast on an early breakfast of hot or cold milk, cereals, fruits and cheese as requested. Small rooms are one of the features of our facility where your child can feel safe and secure in a warm and loving environment.


While our facility is well-appointed with opportunities for emotional, social and intellectual development, your child will be encouraged to participate in a wide range of challenging experiences supporting their age and stage of development.

  • Highly qualified staff

  • Friendly and caring environment

  • Close monitoring of children's development

  • Presentation for parents about day care at the start of the year

  • Holiday time in the nursery

For quality day care and pre-school services, call

01698 891 173

Are you a working parent? Are you worried about your child’s welfare while you’re away from home? Rely on us not only for caring and loving child care services, but also to help your child grow up to be a smart and confident human being.


The 0-3 unit is set up to promote the children’s emotional, social and intellectual development whilst providing a safe, caring and stimulating environment where they can learn and grow.


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Accessible services

Based in Hamilton, there is easy access from Motherwell, East Kilbride and surrounding areas.

Quality child and day care services in Hamilton


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Extra-curricular experiences...

We have an extensive timetable of extra-curricular experiences which are offered to the children; Cookery classes, exercise sessions and yoga. Have a look at our news page for the full breakdown of the extra-curricular timetable.